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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Starting A Mindfulness Practice With Your Family. We were cramped in a school hallway; yoga mats spread in a haphazard "sun shape"; a dizzying array of bright colors- eight elementary school boys and girls, and me. We held hands and Om’d,

Grace In A Shanty Town

After yoga class, a student approached and asked if I'd be interested in visiting one of the most impoverished areas of Nairobi. After a moment of hesitation, I agreed. She wasted no time in connecting me with a colleague of

More Than Just Your Sun

Using the Moon and Mercury To Enhance Family Relationships Contributor:  Alison Brownell “I just don’t understand why he feels this way!” “Why can’t she just say what she really means?” Sound familiar? The relationships we have with our families can be wildly complicated.  Each person

Divination Cards: An Introduction

Leaving a kids' yoga class I’d taught for years, carrying all the luggage that entails, I’d stopped just short of my car, eyeing a playing card face-up by the drivers side. For two consecutive Wednesdays, I’d found a playing card