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kids yoga

Kids Yoga

Wild Wonder Podcast

Wild Wonder Podcast

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We Are Wild Wonder

There was a time when you were pulled toward life. It was an age of reverence and awe. Over the years, the call grew faint, the colors dulled, and the world all but lost its wonder. Your ‘wild’ giving way to the illusion of certainty. Yet, all is not lost – the ‘wild wonder’ is within and all around you. We’re here to help you remember. Through story, adventure, holistic practices, and ritual, together we’ll peel away the layers that keep you disconnected. Explore from behind your laptop, or become fully immersed in a live experience or vacation – whichever you choose – your journey starts here.


Our mission is to demystify and democratize holistic practices through three key areas – Tales, Ritual, and Travel.


Tales: the power of story allows us to see aspects of ourselves in each other. Stories also build our compassion, and widen our circle of understanding. You can access our collection of “tales” from around the world and recent Wild Wonder Podcast episodes by clicking here.


Ritual: by invoking the five senses, we enlist the capacity of mind and body working toward one singular purpose. We share these practices found throughout diverse cultures in the form of video, writing, and in-person workshops, trainings, and retreats. Rituals are led by leading practitioners and master teachers in subjects like yoga, meditation, astrology, tarot, and neurolinguistic programming.


Travel: specializing in wellness vacations, we offer up to five opportunities to travel with us throughout each year. Daily holistic practices (like yoga + meditation) are available to our travelers. You’re welcome to experience these journeys on your own or share them with those you love. Our wellness vacations and teacher trainings are an opportunity to disconnect from the familiar and learn (or master) holistic practices to up-level your life, and become more connected to your world than ever.

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Our vision and values shape our four commitments to you – Inclusivity, Professional Instruction, Child Care, and Support.


Inclusivity: one of our core values is to make everyone feel safe and welcome – all shapes, races, sexual orientations, family structures, and abilities.


Professional Instruction: we are devoted to high-level professional instruction. Our lead teachers, Kristen and Alessandro, have completed rigorous training in their individual disciplines. We also collaborate with practitioners that have completed a similar level of devotion in their given areas of expertise.


Child Care: we’re committed to offering children’s classes or child care at the same time as the adult classes when you travel with us.


Support: open dialogue is a foundational cornerstone for us. We want to walk beside you through each step in your journey. If you have any questions or challenges, you may reach us here.

Kristen Llorca founder Wild Wonder

Kristen Llorca, Creator: She knows what it’s like to wake up in a world you now longer recognize as your own. Using that knowledge Kristen gained finding her own ‘wild’ again, she curates immersive, visionary experiences, for humans of all ages, sizes, and abilities. Chat with Kristen if you ‘want in’ on one of our holistic experiences that begin the moment you open the website. Her fairy-prints are on everything you see.