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Bunny by Mona Awad, picture by Wild Wonder llc

Spring Book List

Nothing gets us in the mood for a new season than an on-theme book list. We present to you our "Sprung on Spring" book list on Bookshop.org.  From classic favorites to new loves, we've got something for every bunny. Click

Love Books

Literary Love List

It's the month of L-O-V-E. Let us help you set the mood with our "Literary Love List" on Bookshop. We've hit all the genres - Spirituality, Philosophy, YA, and New Fiction. Click HERE to see our "Literary Love" February favorites

How To Make Rose Oil

What better way to get ready for Valentine's Day or Lupercalia than making your own rose oil? In fact, if you get started today, it'll be ready just in time. It's easy - just 3 steps!     Here's my "lazy lady's guide"

Ritual for the Dearly Departed

A Ritual to Honor a Departed Loved One by: Christina Rosso-Schneider The veil between planes is at its thinnest this time of year. Because of this, it’s the perfect time to reflect on loved ones who are no longer with us. This

Yoga At Home

I know - life is wild right now. Which is why, maybe now more than ever, it's time to double-down on your grounding practices. "But, Kristen, there's so many things I need to be doing. There's just no time!", you

I AM Affirmation Workshop

Learn how to start and sustain a powerful affirmation practice, using I AM Affirmation Cards. This workshop is for kids and kids-at-heart! Link: youtube.com/watch To purchase the I AM Affirmation deck visit wearewildwonder.com/shop.

Wicked Good Books!

The wind howls, the door creaks, a black cat crosses your path. A chill up your spine reminds you - it's Halloween time! We've joined Bookshop.org and created a list of wickedly good books to get you into the spirit. Visit

The Magic: Food + Foreign Film

Welcome to day 5457 of social distancing. No, I don't know how many days it's actually been. I'm barely aware of what day of the week we're on. All I know is that we've been at this long enough that

Retrograde Apocalyptic

In my estimation, there are exactly three types of people in the world. There are those who are told that the burner is hot and avoid it, those that touch it and learn not to touch it again, and then

The Wounded Healer

KGB officers accost Nureyev at the Le Bourget Airport in Paris and my right leg begins to tremble. His friend Clara Saint approaches French police and informs them that her friend is downstairs and will make a bid for asylum.