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Children's Yoga Guide Heather Webb

Children’s Yoga Guide, Heather Webb

As Wild Wonder Children’s Yoga Program fortuitously grows, we feel privileged to announce the latest addition to our team – children’s yoga guide, Heather Webb.

Here’s Heather in her own words:

“The things we learn and experience as children can have a huge impact on the rest of our lives. Setting the foundation for our inner voice happens when we are children. And the way we speak to ourselves can change the course of our lives. To me, kids yoga is about fun and movement and wagging your tail like a dog. But, it’s also a safe place where you are empowered to listen to your body, to learn to recognise and acknowledge your emotions and use your breath as a way to create calm when you feel anxious.

I didn’t learn any of this until I was an adult. When I had my daughters I had this realisation that while I wanted the absolute best for them I couldn’t say same the same for myself. I imagined how I would feel if I heard my daughters talking down to themselves the way I realised I was. The thought that I could pass that habit onto them was unacceptable to me. And it was that realisation that forced me to make uncomfortable but very needed changes.

Teaching kids yoga is my reminder to never neglect these skills and keep realising the benefits they bring even through difficult times. When my older daughter sees I feel stressed she will ask me to close my eyes and take deep breaths. I know these small moments can build up to make a big impact in our lives. And I know kids yoga can bring these skills to the lives of other families, too.”

Heather Webb, Kids Yoga

Heather Webb, Children’s Yoga Teacher

Yoga student and educator, Heather Webb (200-hour YTT) first discovered yoga as a release from her stressful corporate job while living in London ten years ago. The Bikram series was unlike anything she’d experienced physically but also mentally she noticed the usual constant chatter of her thoughts was completely silenced. From then on she was hooked. After moving to Miami and having her two daughters, she found her way back to yoga and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training. To supplement her yoga knowledge, Heather completed a 45-hr kids yoga training. Helping children to understand and regulate their emotions and connect with their bodies is so rewarding. She knows first hand these are life changing skills and the earlier they are learned the more impact they can have.

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