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how to change your life

How To Change Your Life

Searching for how to change your life? Asking, how do I find my life purpose?

If these are the questions you’ve been asking, then this is the Wild Wonder Podcast episode for you. The tables have turned. Kristen Llorca, host of the Wild Wonder Podcast is now the interviewee. Mindfulness coach, business owner, and author of “Athlete Mental Health Playbook”, Misty Buck asks Kristen how she navigated all of life’s changes to be the person she is today.


Once a dancer turned journalist, turned corporate executive, turned yogi, Kristen is now the founder and creative director of Wild Wonder llc – a family wellness + travel platform. Find out about the windy road that led her here, what it means to be highly sensitive and a business owner, and how sometimes your greatest heartbreaks can lead to your greatest breakthroughs. This episode answers the age-old question – how to change your life.



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