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craft vision board

Making A Love Board

Grab your scissors. Let’s craft a “Love Board”! This is decidedly not a vision board. We fill it with all the things we love, not all the things we aspire to have in our lives. I prefer to do it this way for three reasons –


Meaning, you allow yourself to choose everything you love without editing. Even when we think we’re “dreaming big” when crafting a vision of our lives, we edit it down to something our subconscious believes we can handle.


During my time working with individuals one-on-one (mostly women), I find some of us are not really in touch with what we like, much less what we Love. When looking at pictures, we allow the analytical, sometimes judgy, part of our brain to take a backseat. That way we can begin to explore all the things that light us up.


This is often often the missing element of the manifestation process. Through our Love Board, we give ourselves permission to add those things in our life currently, as well as those things we’re calling in. And when we do that, we may realize that abundance is already all around. With this expression of gratitude, we signal to the universe, “thank you, keep ‘em coming!”.

recycled craft vision board

Grab a bunch of discarded magazines – the more the better! You’ll also need a blank paper (cardstock or heavier weight paper is best if you have some lying around), scissors, glue, and a comfy place to sit for awhile. Arrange all your materials and grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee. I enjoyed crafting this project outside on a large picnic blanket. I was really able to spread out.

Then, all you have to do is casually flip through magazine pages. Notice what your eyes are draw to and how each picture makes you feel. Cut out only the ones that makes you feel real joy. And don’t try to find a reason for why you’re cutting it out. You like what you like.

Once you’ve gone through all the magazines (I had about 10), start to arrange the pictures, on the white paper, in a way that appears beautiful to you (without glueing!). Decide if some of the pieces would look better if they were cut differently. Maybe one wants to be a heart, the other a circle.

When you see the collage is starting to look the way you’d like, start glueing. Give yourself time and space to get creative. There’s no wrong way to make a Love Board.

Then, voila! It’s complete. Sit back and enjoy your creation. Meditate on all the beautiful things you love – both those things that are currently in your life and those that are on their way. Give thanks.

Also, pay attention to what is missing from your board. What didn’t you choose? When I created my Love Board, I was struck by the fact that something that I devote a lot of time to was not there. To me, it’s a sign that I should probably not devote so much time to this thing, and let it fall away.

craft vision board

This is also a great project to share with little humans. Crafting a Love Board with my daughter, allowed me to understand what we each love and value. If you try this project, I’d love to hear about it. Please share your experience below.

Happy crafting!


  • Jane grappelll

    March 24, 2020at12:55 pm Reply

    You have such great ideas Kristen I will definetly do this

    • Kristen

      April 7, 2020at5:52 pm Reply

      Thank you, Jane! Please let me know how it goes.

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