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Overcome Emotional Eating

Overcome Emotional Eating

On this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, host Kristen Llorca welcomes Dr. Michaela Czerneková to discuss how to overcome emotional eating and the negative triggers that keep us from regaining our confidence, inner power, and resiliency.



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Yoga teacher and intuitive eating coach Michaela helps women redefine their relationship with food to create sustainable healthy habits while preventing the development of stress/junk food-related diseases, sleep disorders and negative mental patterns. To learn more, visit michaelaczernekova.com.



On the Wild Wonder Podcast, host Kristen Llorca seeks to democratize and demystify holistic wellness practices by speaking with today’s leading practitioners. The Wild Wonder Podcast is not possible without your generous support. Become a Patreon subscriber and get instant access to our bookclub, private Discord group, live meet-ups, discounts and more at patreon.com/wildwonder.

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