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Race Identity The Shadow

Race, Identity, + The Shadow

As an Asian American woman of mixed race, Sophia Tran Hornyak offers us her novel perspective – inviting us to consider how listening to the underdog parallels with our own ability to truly honor our shadow.

In response to recent attacks against the AAPI community, we’ll collectively examine whom is “allowed” to speak, whom is given our respect and attention, and how we can evolve through this dark moment in our history.

Sophia is a Shadow Worker, Medium, Explorer of The Akasha, Root worker, and Conduit. She comes from a long line of Root Workers, Seers and Energy Workers. Raised in a tin roof house deep in the woods, Sophia was immersed in the traditions of the ancestors. She travels through portals of past lives and dimensions, operating as a conduit for frequencies that aid in healing or amplifying connections.

Her area of expertise is in the realm of working with Shadow. Behind each shadow, shines our own powerful facet of The Divine Light. In this work, she bridges the relationship between the seeker, Shadow-Self and the light of their own individualization. Her passion is to empower each person with the tools to strengthen their own relationship with the divine energy within. In connecting within, we are able to connect without. Find Sophia’s work at www.divinevoidbotanica.com.

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