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Shattering Barriers in Latinx

Join Kristen Llorca as she interviews yoga teacher + community leader Lorena Saavedra Smith about the challenges facing Latin American folx, the lack of education and self-care resources, and how together we can break through those barriers. We also discuss the power of representation, what the “yoga industry” is just beginning to understand about Latin American culture and race, and the belief that may just unite all Latinx communities.



As a Peruvia-born community advocate and yoga therapist, Lorena combines the shamanic healing practices of her native culture with somatic therapies to help Latin American women heal from trauma. Her work with immigrant and undocumented populations gives voice to those that often have none, while helping Latin American peoples to feel safe and embodied. To find out more about Lorena visit yogaterapeutica.com (en español).

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Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


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