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20 Days of Turin

Giorgio De Maria’s “20 Days of Turin”

In this conversation with journalist Luca Signorelli, we dissect the role of the artist, genius vs. mental distortion, the human need to be seen, and the perils of social media before the creation of social media. De Maria's cult-classic "20

God is a Woman Ciesa di Santa Marta

God Is A Woman

God In Feminine Form On this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, host Kristen Llorca speaks with author and uplifter of God in feminine form Daneen Akers. Daneen shares why it is important to consider, pray, or speak to God in

The Akasha + Spiritual Sovereignty

On this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, host Kristen Llorca speaks with channeler, explorer of The Akasha, and conduit Sophia Hornyak on what it means to tune into your frequency, trust your own channel, and be spiritually sovereign. As

40 Days Lent Secular Practice

40 Days: Lent, A Secular Practice

How To Practice A Secular Form of Lent for Transformation These days, a profound grief lives in my lungs. It doesn't take much to send hot tears rolling down my cheeks. A sunset, a kind word, and lately the verse "fall

thea astrology self-love

Self-Love Through Astrology

On this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, host Kristen Llorca welcomes evolutionary astrologer and author of the American Renaissance Tarot Thea Wirsching. Together, they dive into the lessons of the Venus archetype, which ask - What do you love? What do

What Are The Witchy High Holidays?

Heathen witch and occult educator Ash Yezuita (they/them) returns to the Wild Wonder Podcast to chat about: - Wiccan high holidays or sabbats - The Wheel of the Year - Our collective yearning for a home within ourselves + a connection to

Kristen Year Review

Kristen, Unscripted: Year In Review

What happens when you leave a Virgo Moon with perfectionist tendencies alone in a home with a mic? The opposite of what you'd expect. Wild Wonder Podcast host Kristen Llorca takes you through the last year of the podcast, candidly and

Haitian strength resilience

Secrets of Haitian Resilience

Samuel Thidor, Co-founder and Director of Projects for MPM Haiti, joins Wild Wonder Podcast host Kristen Llorca to shed light on the secrets of Haitian strength and resilience, through vodou, ancestral work, spirits, and lwa (or loa). Translating for Samuel,

astrology and herbalism with Daughter of Wands

What Is Astro-Herbalism?

Astro-Herbalist Kathleen Callahan, also known as Daughter of Wands, joins Wild Wonder Podcast host Kristen Llorca to discover what makes poisonous plants so dang lovable, looking to the stars to find our earthly plant allies, and the importance of holding

Samhain + witchcraft with Christina Rosso-Schneider

How To Be A Witch

Just in time for Samhain / Halloween, Christina Rosso-Schneider is on the Wild Wonder Podcast to dive into the witch identity and practice. We dove into: - Reclaiming the word "witch" - Witchcraft as an empowering practice - The power of a coven .. and,