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astrology and herbalism with Daughter of Wands

What Is Astro-Herbalism?

Astro-Herbalist Kathleen Callahan, also known as Daughter of Wands, joins Wild Wonder Podcast host Kristen Llorca to discover what makes poisonous plants so dang lovable, looking to the stars to find our earthly plant allies, and the importance of holding

Samhain + witchcraft with Christina Rosso-Schneider

How To Be A Witch

Just in time for Samhain / Halloween, Christina Rosso-Schneider is on the Wild Wonder Podcast to dive into the witch identity and practice. We dove into: - Reclaiming the word "witch" - Witchcraft as an empowering practice - The power of a coven .. and,

marketing for yoga

Marketing In The Wild

Founder + Curator of Wild Wonder Kristen Llorca joins marketing maven Misty Buck on Miami Community Newspapers "Marketing Monday". Watch for tips on: - Marketing for business growth. - Focusing on the marketing platforms that really light you up. - Launching quickly as a

what can grief teach us?

What Can Grief Teach Us?

Cuban-American writer, speaker, crisis consultant, and ayahuasca enthusiast Ikam Acosta joins Kristen Llorca on the Wild Wonder Podcast. On this episode, we take a deep-dive into the grief-growth cycle. Themes include: how processing grief leads to inner power, moving into a

human design with the Nourishing Witch Andrea

What is Human Design?

What is Human Design and how can it help you tap into your divine blueprint? We’ll find out when the Nourishing Witch graces the Wild Wonder Podcast. Andrea is the creator behind Nourishing Witch and she believes that when we are

seeing auras reiki

How To See Auras

Ever wonder if humans really have a kaleidoscope of colors surrounding them? And if they do, what do they mean? Well, you’re in luck. Our next guest on the Wild Wonder Podcast is Intuitive Artist and Reiki Master Alex Sayer.

Wild Wonder Podcast

The Journey of Mentorship

In this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, we talk about the journey of mentorship with Reiki Master Teacher Amber Astronauta. What are the benefits of creating a relationship with a mentor, someone with experience, skills, and heart to guide

brit josa herbalism herbalist

Healing Through Herbalism

Today on the Wild Wonder Podcast, we learn all about herbalism with herbalist, astrology + tarot enthusiast, and creator of Torches Ceremonials Brit Josa.     Brit resides just outside of the Linville Gorge area in North Carolina. She was first inspired to

glamour magick

What is Glamour Magick?

In this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, we learn all about “glamour magick” with author, bookshop owner, podcaster, and witch Christina Rosso-Schneider. Christina lives and writes in South Philadelphia with her rescue pup, Atticus Finch, and bearded husband, Alex, where

find your intuitive style

Find Your Intuitive Style

In this episode of the Wild Wonder Podcast, we discover how to find your intuitive style after a big life interruption - like say, a pandemic. Susan Padron is an intuitive personal stylist. Through energy work and visualization, Susan guides