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Sex Magic pink sheets

What is Sex Magic?

Let’s talk about “sex magic”. Learn the ‘ins and outs’ of a pleasure practice, and how to add a few sex magic practices to your life. Witch, cartomancy reader, and educator Ash Yezuita joins Kristen live on the Wild Wonder Podcast. Ash is a longtime devotee of sex and death goddess Freyja, with pleasure based magic acts as a center of their practice.

After finding an “ESP and Me” book in the elementary school library, they took it as a sign and haven’t turned away from the strange, magical and wonderful since. Balancing witchcraft, politic, and identity they continue to learn new ways to embody their spiritual practice through deepening their understanding of self and the world around them.


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A Spell to Heighten Joy + Start a Sex Magic Practice

by Ash Yezuita



– Vanilla (aphrodisiac) Candle

– Paper

– Red Pen

– Lubricant (if desired)

– Rose Quartz or Granite (optional)

– Other offerings (flowers, honey, etc.)

– Mirror*


– Invite the elements: Fire (passion), Air (play), Water (excitement), Earth (body center), Spirit (sexual connection).

– Light candle and place out crystals, flowers, or other offerings.

– In red pen, write down your desire to open up this new practice or deepen an old one. For example, “I ask my body and the spirits around me to guide myself deeper into loving me.”

– Set paper under your body face down (ideally with skin touching the page but not the ink).

– Bring yourself to a pleasure center (may be orgasm, may not be). Your sweat will ideally get onto that paper. Make note of imagery that surfaces during your masturbation.

– Keep the paper under your pillow overnight.

– Make note of dreams in the morning.

– Burn the paper as a sacrifice/devotional the next day.


WWpodcast_Ash Yezuita


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