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What Are The Witchy High Holidays?

Heathen witch and occult educator Ash Yezuita (they/them) returns to the Wild Wonder Podcast to chat about:

– Wiccan high holidays or sabbats

– The Wheel of the Year – Our collective yearning for a home within ourselves + a connection to the earth.

– Honoring versus appropriation

– Witchcraft as an anecdote to patriarchy and capitalism

– A simple ritual for the upcoming holiday Imbloc



Books mentioned on this episode are:

– Blood + Mistletoe by Ronald Hutton

– Harlots, Whores, and Hackabouts by Kate Lister

Note from Ash: Llewellyn publishers also make lovely sabbat books that are inexpensive. To join an upcoming class led by Ash, visit anovelideaphilly.com/classes. If you have a question for them, please email ashyezuita@gmail.com.



Wild Wonder Bookclub launched this month. Focusing on translated novels and books by authors from marginalized communities, we’ll take a look away from the dominant narrative, uplift differing voices, and take a deep look at our own psychologies and how we connect to each other – all over a live coffee chat! Gain instant access by supporting our work on Patreon at patreon.com/wildwonder.



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